Pierre Hamon – Pachamama (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2018) [FLAC 24bit/48kHz]

Pierre Hamon – Pachamama (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2018)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Time – 41:39 minutes | 451 MB | Genre: Soundtrack
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Pierre Hamon is perhaps best known as the flautist with Alla Francesca, with whom he has made numerous recordings. Here he takes up the flutes on his own account, in a recital comprising pieces by contemporary composers and a miscellany of elaborations of well known medieval tunes, such as Ghaetta and Machaut’s Douce dame jolie. He is supported by a backing band of four musicians on early instruments, supplemented by a little judicious multitracking and computer enhancement in the modern pieces.

Hamon’s elaborations have a distinct flavour of “East meets West”, and are dance-like and lively in spirit. Whereas the dance feel is logical in the case of the istanpitta, with Machaut’s songs the fast pace isn’t necessarily so appropriate, and some may also find that these extemporisations tend to outstay their welcome. Not so the contemporary pieces, which show off these instruments to good effect. Philippe Schoeller’s cycle Hypnos (of which two pieces are recorded here) is particularly effective in this respect: in the latter stages of Hypnos linea II, the overdubbing and computer enhancement of flute sounds is very nicely managed. Mario Lavista’s Ofrenda, though not quite so enterprising, effectively showcases Hamon’s beautifully modulated timbre, and the use of multiphonics towards the end makes one wish that more had been done with them. On this showing, a greater proportion of contemporary pieces wouldn’t have come amiss.

01. Pierre Hamon – Pachamama Opening Theme
02. Pierre Hamon – Tepulpaï Theme
03. Pierre Hamon – The Shaman and Walumama
04. Pierre Hamon – Ancestor’s Cave
05. Pierre Hamon – The Offering
06. Pierre Hamon – Village Dance
07. Pierre Hamon – Goodbye Village, Hello Kirkincho
08. Pierre Hamon – Bridge of Ropes
09. Pierre Hamon – Message from the Stars
10. Pierre Hamon – Sea of Clouds
11. Pierre Hamon – Entering Cuzco
12. Pierre Hamon – Sun Temple
13. Pierre Hamon – Conquistadors
14. Pierre Hamon – Tepulpai Chase
15. Pierre Hamon – Leaving the Catacombs
16. Pierre Hamon – Naïra, Tepulpai and the Condor
17. Pierre Hamon – Flight on the Wings of the Condor
18. Pierre Hamon – The Metamorphose
19. Pierre Hamon – Snakes, Tepulpai and Conquistadors
20. Pierre Hamon – Village Looting
21. Pierre Hamon – Walumama Theme
22. Pierre Hamon – The Shaman’s Rain Chant
23. Pierre Hamon – Pachamama Anthem
24. Pierre Hamon – Tepulpai Theme II
25. Juan Antin – Somos la Nueva Tierra