Roger Waters – The Soldier’s Tale – Narrated by Roger Waters (2018) [FLAC 24bit/44,1kHz]

Roger Waters – The Soldier’s Tale – Narrated by Roger Waters (2018) 
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Ever since he was a boy, Pink Floyd’s bassist Roger Waters has been haunted by his father’s death in the Second World War. His writing would always bear the imprint of this trauma, in particular on The Wall (1979), The Final Cut (1983) – dedicated to his father – and Amused to Death (1992). This story of a poor soldier who sold his soul to the devil must have struck a chord with him.

The product of the vagaries of the Great War and the friendship between composer Igor Stravinsky (later exiled in Switzerland), the writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz and conductor Ernest Ansermet, The Soldier’s Tale, was based on one of Afanasyev’s Russian folk tales, but adapted in the Canton of Vaud by Ramuz, in whose hands it became a universal parable. Stravinsky wrote a very sparse score for seven instruments (violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, cornet, trombone and percussion) which demanded real virtuosity from the musicians. One hundred years after its first outing on 28 September 1918 in Lausanne, The Soldier’s Tale is continuing its march across the globe. On this album, rock legend Roger Waters is the sole narrator in his own adaptation, which is based on translations by Michael Flanders and Kitty Black. He takes on the three roles himself, with seven excellent musicians from the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival. For Waters, this latest work is simply the next logical step, given his musical research and his political stance, in particular his support for Palestine and his fight against Trump.  – François Hudry

1. Part I: The Soldiers March 01:47
2. Part I: The Soldier is Tired 02:20
3. Part I: Airs by a Stream 02:35
4. Part I: As You Can Hear… 07:41
5. Part I: The Soldiers March (Reprise) 01:48
6. Part I: Eventually, Joseph Reaches his Home Village… 02:56
7. Part I: Pastorale 02:35
8. Part I: The Soldier, Disconsolate… 04:13
9. Part I: Pastorale (Reprise) 00:37
10. Part I: The Soldier, Slowly Coming Back to Himself… 02:48
11. Part I: Airs by a Stream (Reprise) – To Stretch Out on the Grass… 00:47
12. Part I: Hey Satan, You Bastard… 05:33
13. Part I: Airs by a Stream (2nd Reprise) 00:46
14. Part I: Nowt to be Gained Here… 00:06
15. Part II: The Soldiers March (2nd Reprise): Down a Hot and Dusty Track… 00:50
16. Part II: He Doesn’t Even Know Himself… 00:52
17. Part II: The Soldiers March, (3nd Reprise): Will he Take the Road to Home… 00:28
18. Part II: He doesn’t have a Home Anymore… 03:56
19. Part II: The Royal March 02:38
20. Part II: So all was Arranged… 00:58
21. Part II: Later that Night… 08:39
22. Part II: The Little Concert – Light Floods the Eastern Sky… 02:59
23. Part II: The Soldier, with a Confident Air… 00:46
24. Part II: Three Dances – Tango, Pt. 1 01:18
25. Part II: Three Dances – Tango, Pt. 2 01:01
26. Part II: Three Dances – Waltz & Ragtime 04:02
27. Part II: So First a Tango… 00:40
28. Part II: The Devil’s Dance 01:20
29. Part II: The Devil, Confused… 00:27
30. Part II: The Little Chorale 00:42
31. Part II: The Devil Recovers Some of his Wits 00:13
32. Part II: The Devil’s Song – All Right! You’ll be Safe at Home… 00:39
33. Part II: Hm, a Fair Warning… 00:13
34. Part II: Grand Chorale (. Part 1) 00:29
35. Part II: Spring, Summer, Autumn… 00:16
36. Part II: Grand Chorale (. Part 2) 00:30
37. Part II: Steady Now… 00:11
38. Part II: Grand Chorale (. Part 3) 00:27
39. Part II: Steady, Just Smell the Flowers… 00:13
40. Part II: Grand Chorale (. Part 4) 00:52
41. Part II: Now I have Everything… 00:34
42. Part II: Grand Chorale (. Part 5) 00:55
43. Part II: The Princess, all Excited… 01:21
44. Part II: Grand Chorale (. Part 6) 00:26
45. Part II: And so, Off They Go… 01:13
46. Part II: Triumphal March of the Devil 02:24